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Update-After much deliberation the Jerome School Board voted to stay at a 5 day school week.

Updated: Jan 25

Here is a summary of the January 15th 4 Day Stakeholder meeting

Positive Themes

  • Teacher Retention and Satisfaction: There's a belief that a four-day week could lead to happier staff and improved teacher retention, as it may provide them with a better work-life balance.

  •  Student Mental Health: Some see the extra day off as beneficial for students' mental health, providing them with a necessary break.

  • Reduction in Behavioral Issues: There's an expectation that a four-day week could lead to fewer behavioral problems among students.

  • Flexibility for Extracurricular Activities and Jobs: The additional day off could provide opportunities for extracurricular activities, job shadowing, or part-time work, especially for older students.

  • Community Engagement and Family Time: More time off may encourage greater family interaction and community involvement.

  • 7% of staff are on alternate certs giving them time to work on school work

  • Strategies for teachers such as brain breaks, extra recess, learning through play and interactions used for longer days

  • Decrease delinquency of troubled youth, observation is that kids get in trouble on the way to school, at school, on the way home, etc. On off days they stay home and out of trouble

Negative Themes

  • Childcare Concerns: Many parents express concerns about finding childcare for the additional day off, especially in families where both parents work.

  • Food Insecurity: The loss of a school day could exacerbate issues of food insecurity for some students.

  • Impact on Special Education and Dual Language Immersion (DLI) Programs: Concerns are raised about the potential negative impact on special education and DLI students, who may require consistent daily instruction.

  • Longer School Days: The extension of school hours on the remaining days is seen as potentially exhausting and less effective for younger students.

  •  Decreased Student Performance: There are doubts about the academic effectiveness of a four-day week, with some fearing it could lead to lower student achievement, and negative impact on athletics.

  • Increased Delinquency and Safety Concerns: More unsupervised time for students might lead to increased delinquency and safety issues.

  • Financial and Employment Concerns for School Staff: Questions arise about the impact on wages, benefits, and work hours for non-teaching staff like custodians , food service, bus drivers

  • Lack of Comprehensive Planning and Data: There's a perception of rushed decision-making without thorough research or consideration of all stakeholders' needs.

  • Disruption to Established Routines: Concerns about the difficulty in adjusting to a new schedule and its impact on students' routines and learning habits.

  • Potential Neglect of Vulnerable Students: Fears that the needs of students in challenging home situations might be overlooked.

  • Transportation and Logistics Issues: Changes in school hours could lead to longer bus rides and logistical challenges.

  •  Community and Cultural Considerations: The potential impact on the cultural and societal norms of the community, including those of minority groups.

  • Equity Issues: Concerns that the change might disproportionately affect less affluent families and those with limited resources.

  • Turning 5 day curriculum into 4 days        

  • Underrepresentation in survey and Stakeholder meetings of Hispanic families 

  • If we do Friday, most doctors and such are closed on Fridays, what does this do for attendance?

  • Once you go, you never go back-Pilot is not the right idea


  • Year round school, why not being looked at more closely-theme at most tables

  • One of the last ones in the valley to switch

Do not have all the information (schedules, employee benefits, employee hours, calendar, 5th day, busing)                                                                     

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