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2024-2025 Interim K-5 Transition & Boundaries

Jerome School District will move all elementary schools to a K-5 neighborhood model for the 2024-2025 school year, ahead of moving to a K-6 neighborhood model in the 25-26 school year. 

Transition Details:

  • K-5 Model Implementation: Beginning in the 2024-2025 school year, Summit Elementary, 
    Horizon Elementary, and Frontier Elementary schools will transition to a K-5 neighborhood

  • model. These schools will serve Kindergarten through 5th grade students who live in their
    respective boundaries.

  • Jefferson Elementary - Dual Language Immersion: The DLI program plans to begin next school year (24-25) at Jefferson Elementary K-5.

    • As of 3-7-24, construction is on schedule to allow occupancy in early August before school begins.

    • For DLI students needing to ride a bus, we are working with the bus on routes for students to Jefferson. 

    • In the event of delays, there is a plan in place. More information will be available soon. 

    • If you have questions or concerns, please reach out to the 24-25 DLI Jefferson Principal, Angie Brulotte

  • Postponing K-6 Transition: The transition to a K-6 model is postponed until the 2025-2026 school year.

    • This allows us to utilize the existing space in the three elementary schools effectively in case the Jefferson remodel is delayed, but currently construction is scheduled to complete Jefferson before school begins in Aug. 

  • Boundaries: With the transition to K-5 neighborhood schools, attendance boundaries have been approved by the school board to ensure equitable distribution of students and optimize school capacities. Please see the boundary information below. 

Thank you for being a part of our wonderful school community and we look forward to the exciting journey ahead!

Boundary Viuals

Proposed Elementary Boundaries 24-25

- Summit

- Horizon

- Frontier

Click on any image to view it enlarged.

These boundaries were approved by the Jerome School District Board of Trustees during their regular board meeting. 

Boundary Explanation

Proposed Boundary Explanation


  • This boundary is the North East Quadrant of Jerome, from the East side of Lincoln and North side of Main St./ Hwy 25, to the school district boundaries except... 

    • (-) Between Davis and Tiger Dr., from Main St. to 4th Street, both side of those roads, and in between go to Frontier Elementary.

      • If your address is on the north side of Main St. or on 1st-4th street, and you are West of Davis, you are in the Horizon Boundary.



  • These boundaries include the Southern portion of Jerome, from the North side of Main St./Hwy 25 to the school district border, with two exceptions...

    • (+) Between Davis (both sides of the street) and Tiger Dr. (West side only), from Main St. to 4th St. (both sides), this will pertain to Frontier Elementary.

    • Not including either side of 150 So., everything South of 150 So. pertains to Frontier Elementary Boundaries.


  • Summit predominantly encompasses all areas situated to the West of Lincoln Ave, including the western side of Lincoln Ave. from the northern county line and South to 150 So. 

    • On the West Side of Lincoln, everything on 150 So. (both sides) and North is part of the Summit Elementary boundary.

*Jefferson Elementary is not included in the boundary map since it will house only Dual Language Immersion.

How were the Boundaries Decided?

These boundaries aim to bring the vision of neighborhood schools to Jerome School District and the following have contributed to all boundary decisions:

  • School Population Distribution No other criteria holds greater weight.

  • Minimize Distance Between Schools and Homes

  • Streamline Bus Routes and Travel Time

  • Special Program Student Populations

  • Safety Roads with heavy traffic, safety concerns and bus transportation.

  • Current Students and Future Enrollment including projections of increased enrollment for new housing.

  • Improve Traffic & Bus Congestion including the length of time on buses for students.

See JSD Current Elementary Boundaries

Decision Making
Feedback Form

We appreciate your support and involvement in making these important decisions for Jerome School District. Together, we will continue to provide the best possible education for our students and create a bright future for our community.  If you have any questions or would like more information about boundary changes, please use the form below.

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