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Jerome Middle School

May 22, 2024


JRD is offering a Kids Summer Tennis Clinic. If you are interested, there is a flyer in the office or you can contact the Jerome Recreation Center.

Robotics Camp will be June 24-27 at the high school. For more information, pick up a flyer in the office.

Coach T's Triple Threat Basketball Camp, June 10-14 at Gooding Rec Center. If you are interested, please come get a flyer in the office.

Jerome High School swim team would like to invite the JMS 8th graders that might want to swim next year to the summer practices. For more information, talk to Mrs. Hyde in room 117.

8th grade boys interested in playing football next year at the High School need to come to the office and pick up 2 letters.

Reminder JMS students: NO PAJAMA PANTS are to be worn at JMS.

Students: If you are being picked up during the school day, DO NOT use the hallway doors. Always go through the office to meet your parents. Also do not open those doors to let anyone in the hallway.

JMS students, you may only use the vending machines before and after school. NOT DURING LUNCH.

Parents: If you have a message to pass along to your student, please be sure and call the office BEFORE 2:40 (1:40 on Friday) as we cannot assure the student message can be delivered after that time.




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