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Nominations and Testing

Updated: Nov 3, 2022

Anyone in close contact with a student can nominate them for gifted and talented in the areas of intelligence, creativity, leadership and the fine arts. To nominate a student for gifted and talented, please fill out the nomination form below, including an honest rating and a parent/guardian signature, and return to your student’s school’s main office or email to . If you are not the parent/guardian and would like to nominate a student, you may email for further instructions.

Spanish Nomination Form:

A Parent Nom Spanish
Download PDF • 912KB

English Nomination Form:

A Parent Nom
Download PDF • 918KB

Upon nomination, data will be collected regarding the student, including rating scales, ISIP/ISAT test scores, and any other artifacts. Students will be prescreened based on this information for further testing.

Students who are new to the Jerome School District will be tested using the CogAT in October during regular school hours. Students returning to the Jerome School District will take the same test in March. Once testing is complete, the GATE committee will meet to review all data collected on each student to determine placement into the gifted and talented program. If a student is placed into gifted talented, services will begin immediately.

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