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Updated: Nov 3, 2022

What is a gifted and talented program?

The National Association for Gifted Children defines gifted students as those who “perform – or have the capacity to perform – at higher levels compared to others of the same age, experience, and environment.”

In general, programs include both enrichment programs, in which students explore an area of the curriculum in more depth or in a more applied way, and acceleration programs, in which students can study areas of the curriculum that are above their chronological age.

While GATE programs offer many benefits to students, they may not be right for every child who qualifies. Parents should consider not just whether a program is academically appropriate for their child but also whether it is a good fit for the child culturally and emotionally. Some children may experience poor academic or social self-esteem, given the perceived or real competitiveness within the program. That can lead to unnecessary stress. Parents should ensure the educators who facilitate (gifted and talented) programs understand both the content as well as the social and emotional needs of the students in the program. Families should not be discouraged if a child is tested but doesn’t make the cut. It’s not a death sentence if you’re not gifted, and it’s not the golden goose if you are.

For more information please see the National Association of Gifted Children’s FAQ page.

Why was my student selected for this screening?

The Gifted and Talented coordinator reviews testing data for students in the top 10% of their class to be tested. The coordinator will also ask teachers to make nominations based on their classroom observations for leadership, creativity, and the fine arts.

What does the gifted program consist of?

For the 2022-2023 school year, student in the gifted and talented program will be given enrichment resources and encouraged to pursue passion projects or new interests. The Gifted Coordinator will push into classes as needed to help with this. Teachers will also provide differentiation to ensure gifted students are being challenged, with help from the coordinator.

Will gifted and talented interfere with my child’s participation in the dual immersion program?

No, the gifted program will not interfere with the dual immersion program. Students in DI can still be tested and placed into the gifted program without any change to their class.

How long will my child be part of gifted and talented if they qualify? Students who qualify for gifted and talented typically stay in the program through graduation from high school. The student’s success is of course priority, and will be monitored to ensure the program continues to be beneficial for the student. Retesting/qualifying each year is not necessary. In the case of a struggling student, a furlough can be granted, or if needed, the student can be exited from the program.

What score does my child need to be accepted into the gifted and talented program?

Jerome School District is looking for the top 5% of students to be a part of the gifted program. One test score above the 95%ile would not necessarily qualify a student however, as the GATE committee will be looking at the student’s overall performance to determine placement, and whether it is right for the student in question.

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