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Letter to JSD Families

Updated: Feb 21, 2022


Dear Jerome School District Families,

The single most important strategy is to keep students home when they are sick and we ask parents to please not send students to school when they are not feeling well! If students have recently been exposed to a known case of Covid-19 outside of school, students should quarantine for 5 days whether vaccinated or unvaccinated. As with Delta, vaccines help protect against severe illness.

While masks are not required at school, they are a good mitigation strategy when social distancing isn’t possible and we strongly encourage their use. We are also continuing sanitation efforts at all schools and are encouraging increased social distancing in all of our schools to help slow the spread of the disease.

Thank you for working as part of our team and doing your part to help keep our schools and community a healthy place for our students.

Sincerely Dr. Pat Charlton, Superintendent

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