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JSD WiFi Changes

WiFi has changed ever so slightly. The JSDStaff WiFi has been removed. There should be 3 networks you see all the time.

  • JSDDevices All our school devices, and staff personal devices can use this network. I will send you a staff password for your building for you to distribute. Please don't share with parents and students.

  • JSDStudents - This is for any students (or staff) to use on their personal devices. It allows them to be content filtered based on their user, but does not connect internally to our network (Servers, Printers, AppleTVs, etc). You have to follow the steps for Securly to use this network. Password to give to staff and students: NYu489WY

  • JSDGuest - Does NOT Require installing Securly certificate. Content filtered at our most restrictive level, users can't log in to get more rights, and does not connect to our internet network.

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