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Tech Support Ticket System

We've updated our technology ticket system. You can access it from the same two places as before; the district website under Quick Links, Technology Support, and on the Tech Tools page available on the staff Quick Links tab. You can now also get there from inside your google account. If you click on the Google

Waffle icon, you can now scroll down to the Mojo Helpdesk icon (looks like a star) and enter a ticket from there. You will also be able to see all your open and previously closed tickets within the system as well (you won't see tickets from the old system in there). Link directly to our Mojo Helpdesk Link to a video introduction on using the new Mojo Helpdesk

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Gina Cakebread
Gina Cakebread

I am an Idiot, I cannot install my new speaker. The power is on but no sound. I may have order the wrong type of speaker for my computer. Before I send it back could a Computer Guru stop by an make sure I do not just have it pulled in wrong because of the wire spaghetti I have around my desk.... 😊 Thank you.


Gina Cakebread
Gina Cakebread

The computer in the D.O. breakroom has lost the internet connection. I have tried restarting, it then says it has a connection but does not. No rush but when someone gets a chance to look at it I would appreciate it. The custodial sub is just using a paper timesheet right now, no big deal.

Thank you,


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