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Attendance protocols: 24/25 

  1. Teachers will be at the door of the classroom during passing time greeting students as they enter the classroom

  2. (Safety) teachers will have their classroom door locked and closed when the bell to start class rings. 

  3. Teacher will take roll while students are working on a bell ringer to start the class.

  4. Students in the halls will be given a lunch detention ticket for that day (classes 1-4).  A lunch detention ticket will be issued for the following day if students are tardy in classes (5-7)

  5. Admin will be sweeping the halls and issuing lunch detention tickets as well. 

  6. (Safety) students found in the hallways without either of the following will be issued a lunch detention ticket. 

  7. Student ID badge where Admin can easily see them.

  8. An E-hall pass

  9. Students will be limited to 2 e-hall passes per day: as always there will be some medical exemptions for individual students

  10. Students will be able to use the restroom at the following times: 

  11. Before school

  12. Passing time (6 times per day)

  13. 2 e-hall passes per day (during class time)

  14. During lunch

  15. After school

Safety measures

Safety vestibule should be in place by next year. 

  1. Doors will lock at 8am, please remind students to never open the door for ANYONE during school hours.  This is a safety precaution and we need to do a better job. 

  2. All students who arrive at school after the 8am bell will be required to enter the building through the South doors and check in at the office. They will be marked tardy and receive a lunch detention ticket for the day: 

  • Exemptions would be 

  • Late bus

  • Medical issue

  • School activity

  1. ID badges: Students and Staff must wear ID badges throughout the day while in the building…This also will include during lunch if the students are in the building. 

Thank you Teachers! Please take a minute to thank one of your student's teachers for all that they do and for the inspiration they give to us each and every day! We have some amasing teachers at JHS! I am inspired by their dedication and work ethic throughout the year!



GRADUATION INFORMATION: May 23rd 6:00pm at the Jerome Senior High School

2024 JHS Graduation Parade
Download ODT • 1.44MB
Graduation Ceremony Etiquette
Download DOCX • 10KB



May 16th


Good Morning Jerome High School

Today’s Shout-out goes to ____Paige Martin_____ for making JHS a better place

Today’s Lunch Menu: Orange Chicken, Fruit & Veggies, Cookie, & Milk

Students starting next year you will receive lunch detention for the following rule violations:

  • Not having your ID badge on while in the building.  This means it must be visible, not in your pocket or backpack or you will be assigned lunch detention. 

  • Arriving tardy to class.  If you are not in class on time you will be assigned lunch detention as a consequence. 

Let’s work together to make Jerome high school a great place to be!

The End is Near!  This is the last week Monday - Thursday for study hall and Tardy Make up.  If you have questions, please see Ms. Wright

Summer school registration closes on Friday at 2:30. You will get your schedules on Monday May 20.

Students, if you still have library books, they are overdue and marked as lost. You will have a fine in PowerSchool for replacement of the book, UNLESS, you return it immediately. ALL fines will be removed once books are back in the library. Please return them!

Juniors! Your senior contract for the graduation project is due FRIDAY, the 17th. If you miss this deadline you lose 50 points and it will impact your ability to pass the project. Turn it in to your counselor ASAP.

Are you proud of your culture, your heritage?  Do you want to show it off in the professional world?  How about get away from the high school to tutor elementary school children a couple of times a week?  Are you a shy person but want to break out of your shell and learn how to run a fundraiser?  Would you like to meet other students throughout the United States that are doing the same things and have the same goals?  All Freshmen, Sophomores, and Juniors check your email for the Latinos in Action application for next school year.  We are accepting students with a GPA above a 2.0 for this elective class until this Friday, May 17th.  Don't see the application?  Ask Ms. Rowley to email you one.

Senior Lockin will be Thursday, May 23 from 10 pm - 2 am. You must be registered TODAY to be guaranteed a shirt. Come party with us after graduation for games, swimming, and prizes!

The JHS Advanced Drama team is looking to audition new members TOMORROW! If you are interested in auditioning, speak with Mr. Rexroat ASAP for details.

If you are interested in taking IDLA online drivers ed this summer.  Session 3,  Please see Mrs. Long to get on the list.   Classes will start June 24th and the Drives will start July 1st.


Today No games are scheduled 

Tomorrow State Track is @ Mountain View

 Have a great day!


Higher Ed day! Colleges from across the state presented to our Juniors about their educational options.


Summer School Information:

  • 8am-11:15 Morning Session 11:45-3:00pm Afternoon Session

  • Tuesday-Friday May 28th-May 31st 

  • Monday-Thursday June 3-6th

  • Monday-Thursday June 10th-June 13th

  • Monday-Thursday June 17th-20th

  • Monday-Thursday June 24th-June 27th 


-Students can only miss three days of school, and then they will be dropped from classes. The only absences we will excuse are with Doctor’s Notes (brought in the day after the absences)  and School activities with notes from Coaches/advisors (Before the absences). If a student does not show the first and second day of classes, they will be dropped as we have students who are waitlisted for classes. 


*Students may register for up to two full classes and one credit recovery class or four 

credit recovery classes

*Two classes each day –one at 8AM and the other one at 11:45am  

*Class offered are:

English 9A/B; English 10A/B; English 11A/B; English 12 A/B

Math 1A/B; Math 2 A/B; Math 3A/B and transitions classes

History A, B, C, D; Government A/B; Econ/Personal Finance

Earth Science A/B; Biology A/B; Speech; Computer Applications; Mythology/


Health classes will be credit recovery only.

*Credit recovery are those class which have been taken and a 45% or better has been 


*Non Credit recovery classes are those classes which have been taken with less than a 


*Classes being recovered for NC are classes that have a passing grade and not enough

 seat time

*Full Classes are those classes which have no seat time and the student is taking it for

 the first time


Credit recovery - All work will be done at Mastery Level (80% or better)

Full course-regular grading scale


       If you are found with a cell phone out during class, you will be removed from summer school

Lunch  Will be provided through the Summer School Lunch Program Free of charge for

students and must be eaten on campus


JHS AVID classes at working together.


Thanks to our many Jerome partners who helped to make our carrer fair a success!


Crossing Bridges preparing for an upcoming event!

During today's advanced robotics session, JHS students were privileged to receive a visit from Mr. Shane Humphries, an esteemed engineer and JSD board member. Mr. Humphries graciously collaborated with each team, providing valuable insights and advice to enhance their device-building endeavors, essential for scoring points on their respective teams. This unique opportunity allowed our students to engage directly with an experienced engineer, benefiting from his wealth of knowledge to refine their devices. Thank you, Mr. Humphries, for sharing your knowledge.

Social Studies class working hard to understand the Cold war!

Fun Fridays in French and AVID Guest speakers from Top Gun Trucking talking about CDLS and employment oppertunities



Must be at least age 14 1/2 before sign up.

Must have a Birth certificate and Social Security card.

No more than two F's and acceptable attendance.  

Administration will Verify with a VOC letter.   

Agree to class requirements during the sign up process. 

Attend a Parent meeting.

Session 1:  Starts  20 Feb 2024

Sign up:  23rd, Jan 2024 @6am

Session 2:  13 May 2024

Sign up:  15 April 2024 @6am

Session 3:  Starts 24 June 2024

Sign up:  15 May 2024 @6am

Session 4:  Starts 16 Sept 2024

Sign up:  22 Aug 2024 @6am

The Foods and Nutrition class was working on a “Crime Scene” lab in class today. Their task was to investigate the “Crime Scene” and discover what was not safe in the kitchen.  Students were able to determine what needed to be fixed in the scene and report back to Mrs. Prnice with their findings.


Dont forget to reach out to someone who has impacted your life in some way and tell them thank you! Let someone know you are thinking of them and that you care. "One team, One town, One Family"


Thank you to all of our Parents and Scholars who came out to Freshman night to meet the Admin and ask some amazing questions!

Welcome Back!

Welcome back 2023/24

Parents and students:

Welcome back to JHS for another great year of High School. There are so many things that we will be able to accomplish together this year and I am excited to see what heights we will be able to reach! Remember, we are “One Team, One Town, and One Family”! Here are a few of the goals we have for our school this year.

1. AVID is taking off and we are planning to expand the program. If you don’t know what AVID is yet…AVID stands for Advancement Via Individual Determination. This is a great class for students who think they would like to go to college or would like to work in a collaborative environment with other hard-working students. We are going to be offering 5 AVID classes a day both semesters.

2. Emphasis on the ISAT tests. These tests are used to give us a benchmark of where we are in our delivery of the curriculum. We are excited to improve our scores and show off our hard work.

3. Improve communication by working to publish update videos twice a month to school website.

4. Increase the number of clubs and activities we offer our students as extracurricular activities.

5. Continue to improve our facilities on campus

a. Academic recognition hallway and celebrations (Academic “J”’s) for students to put on a letter jacket for earning honor roll recognition.

b. Improvements to playing fields and stadiums.

c. Continuing to upgrade and update classroom furniture (desks and tables) to allow for greater collaboration and movement in the classroom.

6. Preparing for more Dual Cedit and Advanced Placements classes to be offered at JHS.

Parents, if you would like to be involved in helping with any or all of our goals, please reach out to Mr. Tracy and he will get you started. Advancement takes all of us and we are looking forward to partnering with you in helping make our school even better than it already is. Thanks for all your support and let’s get to work! GO TIGERS!

Nate Tracy

Principal, Jerome High School.

2023-24 Registration:

Wed. Aug. 2

Seniors 11-6:30 pm

Thurs. Aug. 3

Seniors 11-6:30 pm

Fri. Aug. 4

Seniors 8-3pm

*Seniors, please go to the link below to schedule an appointment with your counselor to

avoid waiting in long lines.

New to the district: Call to make an appointment by June 9 th 208-324-8137 ext. 7012

Mon. Aug. 7

8:30-2:30 By appointment

Tues. Aug. 8

8:30-2:30 By appointment

Wed. Aug. 9

Grades 9,10,11

11-6:30 pm

Thurs. Aug. 10

Grades 9,10,11

11-6:30 pm


JHS Student Artwork

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