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Adjusted Jefferson Calendar

Many changes are happening at Jefferson Elementary! After Winter Break, all Jefferson students will attend the rest of the school year at the new Frontier Elementary School.

Frontier Elementary School

525 South Tiger Drive


Jefferson students will have two extra days on both sides of their Christmas Break. This is to move out of Jefferson and into Frontier and allow teachers to set up their rooms before students return.


Monday, Dec. 18th : School for all students. Normal Release Time

Tuesday, Dec. 19 - Wednesday, Dec. 20th: No School for Jefferson students.

Dec.21-Jan.3rd: Christmas Break

Jan. 4th - Jan. 5th: No School for Jefferson students.

Monday, Jan. 8th: Jefferson students resume school at Frontier Elementary.


  • Where is Frontier located?

    • 525 S. Tiger Dr, about 1/2 mile South of Jerome High School

  • What is their phone number?

    • Frontier will use the same Jefferson phone number for the remainder of the year. 208-324-8896

  • Will my child have a new class and teacher?

    • No, your child will have the same teacher and class as if they were still at Jefferson.

  • Why are we doing this in the middle of the year?

    • So that construction can begin on the remodel of Jefferson Elementary School.

  • Does this mean my child will go to school at Frontier next year?

    • That depends. Frontier will open as its own elementary school beginning 24-25. Your child will attend the neighborhood K-5 Elementary School in the zone where they live.*

*Dual Language Immersion students will not have a boundary zone.

See the page on the K-5 Transition for more information.

  • Where do I go to get information online about my child's school for the rest of the year?

    • Links and Posts will continue to be on Jefferson's Page for the remainder of the year, as your student is still a Jefferson student for the entire year.

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