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Jerome Joint School District No. 261

Transfer of Student Records


Jerome Joint School District No. 261


Transfer of Student Records

Receiving School

Within fourteen (14) days after enrolling a transfer student, the elementary or secondary school shall request

directly from the student’s previous school a certified copy of his record and exercise due diligence in obtaining the

copy of the record requested.

Forwarding School

A certified copy of the permanent, or cumulative, file of any student and the file containing special education

records of any student shall be forwarded by mail, or electronically, to a local educational agency or accredited

school in which the student seeks to or intends to enroll within ten (10) days after receipt of a written or electronic

request, except as provided in 3605—Records of Missing Children. The files that are forwarded must include

information concerning violent or disruptive behavior or disciplinary action, however, such information shall be

contained in a sealed envelope, marked as “confidential” and addressed to the principal or other administrator of

the receiving school.

Cross Reference: 3570 ‐ 3570P Student Records

3610 Records of Missing Children

Legal Reference: I.C. § 18‐4511 School Duties—Records of Missing Child—Identification Upon

Enrollment—Transfer of Student Records

I.C. § 33‐209 Transfer of school records ‐ Duties

Policy History:

Adopted on: 04/28/09

Revised on:

Policy History:

Adopted on:

April 28, 2009

Last Revised:

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