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Jerome Completion Bond

After many meetings with construction companies, and input from our community, the Jerome School District Board of Trustees voted to proceed with a new school bond, referred to as the Jerome Completion Bond, to complete the projects previously designed to be done with the 2021 Community Schools Jerome School District Bond.

After much input and consideration, the Jerome Completion Bond includes a much more comprehensive remodel of Jefferson Elementary School, the district's oldest current school.

Passage of this bond would move Jefferson Elementary over to the New School building upon completion, so that construction could be done inside of Jefferson without students present. This will mean less cost and shorter construction times. It will however, delay the K-6 model elementary schools back to the 24-25 school year.

Consideration of Bond Election and Bond Resolution Language:

A motion was made by Shane Humphries and seconded by Jeff Schroeder to proceed with a bond resolution

in the amount of twelve million dollars ($12,000.000) for the August 30, 2022, election.. The motion passed

by the following:

AYE: Staci Leavitt

Liz Bingham

Shane Humphries

Jeff Schroeder

Annette Lott

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