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Bond Levy Questionnaire

Jerome School District is seeking community input on a very important topic. Please complete this short (survey now closed) to help us make some important decisions.

Bond Levy Questionnaire

As a result of the shortage of construction materials, limited labor force, and inflation that the nation is currently facing, Jerome School District is in a situation where we would value some honest feedback regarding another Bond Levy for the completion of the Jefferson Elementary School remodel. The facts: Citizens in Jerome School District graciously supported and passed a $27,000,000 levy in March of 2021. Per the original plan, Jerome School District entered into contract negotiations for bidding on the 3 projects that the Bond levy supported and to be completed in this order with the least interruption to the learning process: Horizon-remodel ($2,000,000 ), a new K-6 elementary school ($21,000,000), and Jefferson remodel ($4,000,000). In a few short months, the shortage of materials, labor, and inflation has caused the cost of construction to almost double. Our newest bid for the new elementary school alone is $30,000,000. Luckily we set aside Federal ESSER funds last fall for the Horizon project in hopes of cushioning possible increases we might encounter, never with the projection that things would double. These funds will allow us to continue with the Horizon project, however there is no money left for Jefferson. Jefferson is our oldest elementary school with a very limited functioning kitchen and a cafeteria that does not support the number of students who need access. It is our goal to provide equitable access to education and educational facilities across our district. The only way to bring Jefferson into a more equitable level is to complete the projects outlined in the original Bond Levy.

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