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Calming Sounds

**Please remember at school you have to be logged into YouTube with your school account for YouTube to work. **

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline:

1-800-273-TALK     24/7

Idaho Suicide Prevention Hotline:

208-398-4357   Call 24/7 or Text Mon-Fri 3 p.m.- Midnight

Local Mental Health Services: 
Valley Community Counseling    Jerome: (208) 595-2284      

                                                           Twin Falls: (208) 736-0695

Positive Connections                         Twin Falls: (209) 727-9999

Alliance Family Services                    Twin Falls: (208) 737-0572

Pro Active Behavioral Health             Twin Falls: (208) 734-0407

Crosspointe Family Services             Twin Falls: (208) 736-7090

Turning Point Center for Change       Twin Falls: (208) 734-4250

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