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Freshman Day

8am meet in the auditorium student government will divide the freshman into groups for various activities and tours of the school Lunch 11:30am- 12:00pm Mini Schedule TAG- 12:05-12:20 1st- 12:25-12:45 2nd- 12:50-1:10 3rd- 1:15-1:35 4th- 1:40-2:00 5th- 2:05-2:25 6th- 2:30-2:50 7th- 2:55-3:15 5 minute passing time in-between each class.

Aug 24th (First day Schedule)

First day of school (All Students) Aug 24th

1st- 8:00-8:45 2nd- 8:50-9:35 TAG- 9:40-10:15 (distribution of chrome books) 3rd- 10:20-11:05 4th- 11:10-11:55 5th- (Lunch A) 11:55-12:45 5th (Lunch B) 12:35-1:25 6th- 1:30-2:20 7th- 2:25-3:15

First Friday Of the year (early out schedule)

First Friday of the year schedule (Aug 27th)

1st- 8:00-8:39 2nd- 8:44-9:23 TAG- 9:28-9:51 3rd- 9:56-10:35 4th- 10:40-11:19 5th- (Lunch A) 11:24-12:03 5th- (Lunch B) 12:08-12:47 6th- 12:52-1:31 7th- 1:36-2:15 5 minute passing time

JHS Student Artwork

Next Steps Idaho

Hello my name is Arian Ramos and I am glad to have met Mrs. Zamarripa. She has been able to help me figure out what classes to take from CSI. I met her my sophomore year of high school. My older sister had told me how much Mrs. Zamarripa had helped her. Mrs. Zamarripa gave her advice in which classes suited her best to be able to receive her associates in her desired field. At the age of fifteen I was still wondering what field I wanted to go into. If I was interested in something, she made sure she gave me the right information about the career. No matter how many times I changed my career goal, Mrs. Zamarripa was still patient and very understanding. She was able to give me any information I needed to know for the career I wanted to pursue. As of next spring I am hopeful to receive my CSP certificate and it's all due to Mrs. Zamarripa! As of now, I have enough credits to graduate from CSI in less than 2 years!!!!!

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