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Supplemental Levy FAQs

Although the Supplemental Levy in the Jerome School District is smaller than the levy in other large districts, it is just as important to the students in Jerome as it is elsewhere. Perhaps more so!  The levy helps pay for extracurricular activities, including coaches and transportation, so students can enjoy these vital experiences. It also helps pay the salaries of classroom aides, secretaries, custodians, cooks, and other essential workers.  Without the passage of the levy, the school district would have to make painful cuts in each of these areas.

  • How long has the Jerome School District had a Supplemental Levy?

    • This is the 27th consecutive year of seeking patron support for a levy.

  • What is the Levy amount?

    •  The levy is $1,250,000 per year for two years.  The levy makes up about 4% of the overall school district budget.

  • How does this compare to other Idaho school districts?

    • Nearly 95% of Idaho school districts run a levy.  Jerome has one of the smallest supplemental levy rates per student in Idaho, ranked in the bottom 13 districts state wide.

  • Will this levy raise my Tax Levy Rate? 

    • No, the Tax Levy Rate will remain the same.  Even though the supplemental levy is slightly larger than the one from two years ago, the tax levy rate will remain the same and is lower than two years ago.  This is made possible due to robust growth and increases in market values in the community as well as restructuring school district bonds and paying down debt.

  • Why the increase of $400,000? 

    • Jerome is a growing school district, but has not increased the supplemental levy in the past six years.  Like the rest of the community, the school district has seen increases in costs for staffing, transportation, and interscholastic activities.  The supplemental levy specifically addresses these items.

  • More specifically, how will the Levy funds be used?

    • $350,000 - Non-Reimbursed Student Transportation

    • $200,000 - A portion of Program and Software Licenses

    • $700,000 - A portion of Salaries & Benefits for:

      • Classified Staff (Aides, Custodians, Secretaries, Cooks, etc.)

      • Extra Curricular Staff Salaries (Coaches, Clubs)

  • How is this different from a Bond? 

    • Bonds must be used to build and remodel school facilities. 
      The Supplemental Levy is used to help hire and retain staff, and run programs in the district.


How Do I VOTE?



  • Early voting will be held at the Jerome County Elections Office located at 300 N Lincoln Ave. in room 301.

  • February 27 - March 4 
    8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m., M-F


  • Polls will be open 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. Tuesday, March 14, 2023.  

  • Go to your usual polling place or find your polling place at:
    or by calling 208-644-2715

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