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JSD Anonymous Tip Forms

The Jerome School District has put anonymous tip forms on each school's website page and on the main site, While the form is completely anonymous, you can also choose to put contact info in as well.

Each year in schools and communities across the United States, there are millions of youth who hurt themselves or others through verbal, physical and digital means. These behaviors can cause youth to experience emotional trauma and physical injury, mental health or wellness issues, stress or anxiety, and/or feelings of being unsafe. Too often the outcome results in self-harm, suicide or homicide.

There are many reasons why youth and adults do not Say Something when they see a warning sign or signal.

They do not:

  • Understand or know how to recognize warning signs and signals of at-risk behavior

  • Believe a threat to be true because “they would never say it publicly if they meant it”

  • Want to be labeled, stigmatized and/or possibly physically threatened as a “snitch”

  • Know who to tell or “believe that nothing will be done to help anyhow”

  • Think they need to because someone else will say something

In a majority of these acts, youth and adults are witness to threats, warning signs or signals, especially on social media, but do nothing to intervene to help the at-risk youth.

In fact:

  • Approximately, 1,000,000 students reported being harassed, threatened or subject to other forms of cyberbullying (, 2016)

  • 80% of school shooters told someone of their violent plans. 59% told more than one person (Vossekuil, B., et al., 2002)

  • 70% of people who complete suicide told someone of their plans or gave some other warning sign (Robins, E., et al., 1959)

  • A national study found that 37% of threats of violence, bullying, etc. were sent electronically and 28% used social media (Trump, K., 2015)

Please note: This is intended for tips to keep our students, staff, and schools safe. If your tip is about something you don't like: grades, something you want a direct response back to, etc., please contact the school directly so that this form is available for it's intended purpose.

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