Jerome School District Board of Trustees

Zone 1 – Alice Thibault - Chairman 
Zone 2 – Esther Peters
Zone 3 – Jeff Schroeder
Zone 4 – Annette Lott
Zone 5 – Staci Leavitt - Vice-Chairman

The regular meetings of the Board of Trustees begin at 6:00 o'clock the Jerome School District Office Board Room, 125 4th Ave. West, on the fourth Tuesday of each month. 

The public places for the posting of public notices for the Jerome School District are:

1. The School District Administrative Offices located at 125 4th Ave. West.
2. Jerome County Courthouse, 300 North Lincoln
3. Jerome Public Library, 100 1st Ave. East
4. Jerome Recreation District, 2032 South Lincoln
5. Jerome School District Web Site: