BOARD OF TRUSTEES 1500 Board Meetings
BoardMeetingThe Board meeting provides the format for handling the legal responsibilities of the Board and gives patrons a chance to monitor the Board's labors. Meetings of the Board of Trustees should be direct and to the issues required for the members to conduct its business.

Board Meeting Defined
A meeting is defined as the convening of the Board of Trustees to make a decision or to deliberate toward a decision on any matter. Trustees may participate in school board meetings via electronic means (including telephonic or video conferencing devices) provided at least one (1) member of the Board of Trustees is physically present at the meeting location.

1. The Board of Trustees will comply with the legal requirements imposed upon meetings of this Board. All meetings of the Board are open to the public. Unless otherwise specified, the location of all meetings will be determined at the annual July meeting Regular meetings shall be held on a uniform day of a uniform week of each month as determined by the Board at its annual meeting held in July. Meeting start times will also be determined at the Annual July meeting and meetings will adjourn as soon as agenda items are disposed of. Should meetings not end by 11:00 p.m., the Board may recess the meeting to a later date and time to consider items remaining on the agenda at the time of recess.

2. The Board will hold the following basic types of meetings:
A. Annual Meeting—Consistent with I.C. 33-510, an annual meeting of the Board will be held on the date of the regular July meeting in each year. The Board will, at that meeting determine the regular meetings of the Board of Trustees for a uniform day of a uniform week.
B. Regular Meeting – The Board of Trustees shall meet in regular session on the uniform day of the uniform week referred to above. Notice of dates and locations of meetings will be conspicuously posted at the School District Office, the Jerome Public Library and the Jerome County Courthouse and provided annually to members of the press requesting information relative to meetings of the Board. When a regular meeting falls on a holiday, the meeting shall be within one week, the date to be determined by the board and published.
C. Emergency Meetings -- In the event of an emergency involving possible personal injury or property damage, immediate financial loss, or the likelihood of injury, damage or loss, the Board may meet immediately and take official action without prior notification when the notice requirements would make such notice impracticable, or increase the likelihood or severity of such injury, damage or loss, and the reason for the emergency is stated at the outset of the meeting.
D. Special Meetings -- Called by the Board Chairman or by any two members of the Board due to circumstances requiring immediate action for the operation of the District, or by the Board of Trustees in an open meeting by official action. Such a meeting will be strictly limited to agenda items requiring action which necessitated the calling of the meeting. Official action will be taken on agenda items only. Special and Adjourned meetings may be called by the Chairman or by any two members of the Board and held at any time. If the time and place of special meetings have not been determined at a meeting of the Board with all members being present, the notice of the time and place shall be given to each member of the Board and announced to the public through written notice posted conspicuously at the district office and at two more public buildings within the school district not fewer than twenty-four (24) hours before such special meeting is to be convened.