Jt. Jerome School District No. 261
Taking Office
At the time of nomination and election or appointment, each trustee shall be a school district elector of the district
and a resident of the trustee zone from which nominated and elected, or appointed.
Each trustee shall qualify for and assume office on the next January 1 following his or her election, or, if appointed,
at the regular meeting of the board of trustees next following such appointment.
An oath of office shall be administered to each trustee, whether elected, re-elected or appointed. The oath may
be administered by the clerk, or by a trustee of the district. The records of the district shall show such oath of
office to have been taken, by whom the oath was administered and shall be filed with the official records of the
Cross Reference: 1140 Vacancies
Legal Reference: I.C. § 33-501 Board of Trustees

I.C. § 33-504 Vacancies on Boards of Trustees
I.C. § 59-401 Loyalty Oath—Form
I.C. § 59-402 Time of Taking Oath

Policy History:
Adopted on: 09/26/2006
Revised on: 06/22/2010
Revised on: 08/28/2018