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Professional Development Overview

Jerome School District has focused its Professional Development for staff into five primary "evidence rich" areas of emphasis. They include: 1) The SIOP Instructional Model and Instruction that Works by Bob Marzano; 2) An Understanding of Poverty by Ruby Payne; 3) The MTI Framework for effective mathematics instruction; 4) Total Instructional Alignment on Curriculum Alignment with workshops sponsored by Idaho State University; and 5) Content and Pedagogical Trainings.  The document below titled "Correlation between SIOP to MTI," diagrams the alignment as determined by the District of instructional focused areas.  It is expected that staff will use these techniques depending on their subjects taught to improve instruction.  Content area professional development will also be made available to staff as it becomes available.  Also posted below for review are the district general professional development plan, TSP and mentor Plans and the current district technology plans.  All these plans are reviewed yearly.

Verification of Equivalent In-Service

Any in-service credit, whether offered by a school district or another agency, must receive written approval from the superintendent or the professional development chairperson of an Idaho school district.

A form is used to verify that an individual has successfully completed a professional development activity and is entitled to equivalency credit. (NOTE: 15 clock hours = 1 in-service credit. A maximum of three (3) in-service credits may be applied toward the renewal of an individual’s certificate.) Partial credit is not applicable. Equivalent in-service credit can only be used for renewal of a clear Idaho credential. It cannot be used toward the recent credit requirement for initial certification or reinstatement.


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JSD Curriculum/Professional Development Director - Wendy Ohlensehlen
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