Learn More About the 8 in 6 Program

aoThe 8-in-6 program (House Bill 426) was approved by the Idaho Legislature in 2012 to help Idaho students take advantage of the dual credit opportunities provided by the Dual Credit for Early Completers. The 8-in-6 program is designed to help students complete 8 years of schoolwork (2 years of middle school, 4 years of high school, and 2 years of postsecondary or trade school) in just 6 years. Students accomplish this by taking online courses over the summer and by taking online overload courses during the school year. It is important to note that 8-in-6 does not reduce the amount of time students spend in the classroom; it simply increases learning time throughout the year.  Click here to learn more.

Power School Parent Access

PowerSchool Parent Access is for all parents of students in grades K-12. Its intention is to provide parents, guardians, students, and teachers with a tool to communicate grades, attendance records, assignments, and teacher comments on an ongoing basis. Parents are encouraged to have their children also view attendance and grade information.

Idaho Reading Indicator Parent Information

The Idaho Reading Initiative, enacted by the Idaho Legislature was designed to ensure that all children in the State of Idaho will master the skills they need to become successful readers.

Endless research-based studies show skills are directly related to a child’s success in school. It is the goal of the State Department of Education to work with your child’s teacher, and school administrators to promote his/her reading success. Idaho Reading Indicator Brochure for Parents

Why Parent Involvement is Important

In study after study, researchers discover how important it is for parents to be actively involved in their child's education. Here is some information about the importance of parental involvement:

What Studies and Investigations Say About Parent Involvement

Ten Ways For You To Participate in Your Child's Education

Lo Que Estudios e Investigaciones Dicen Acerca de la Participacion de los Padres

Diez Formas Para Participar en la Educacion de Sus Hijos

Good Guides Mentoring

If you have children ages 12-17, the Easter Seals-Goodwill GoodGuides program can give them support to stay in school, help them learn about careers and prepare for their future. Click here for more information. Click here for the Youth Referral Form. Click here for the Application form.

Common Core State Standards: Shifts for Students and Parents

This is a great document for parents to check out! It not only outlines specifics about what students must do to make the shift to the Common Core State Standards but also has valuable information about what the PARENTS can do to help in this process. You are encouraged to take a look. Click here to view the document.

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